Bot Design Features

You will build your bot by writing lines of conversation and each conversation is called a script.

Making your bot:

You need to think about what kind of chats people will want with your bot.You could then for example use a storyboard technique to map out your overall design.

  • Comprehensive manual – dozens of example bots and templates
  • Include Clever Data to fill out your bots background chatting ability
  • Spreadsheet format for creating bots – easy to understand and use
  • Create your bot – simply by uploading your bot to a web page
  • Quick to create – much less work required than with other bot software

Cleverscript offers some unique features that enable the creation of content for your bot much easier.

Artificial intelligence:

  • Clever Data, access to millions of rows of background chit chat, a scaled down Cleverbot engine inside your bot
  • Natural Language Understanding engine allows you to recognise all the various ways of saying something and build a conversational script to understand the user query and extract meaningful information out of it.
  • Powerful tools, yet simple – no programming knowledge required
  • Prediction of whole sentences, not keywords – for accurate understanding
  • Fuzzy pattern-matching – handling typos automatically
  • Easy extraction of data elements from input text – many at once
  • Construction of output sentences – from the ground up
  • Handles variability and depth of phrasing – including clauses within clauses
  • Phrase re-usability – more efficient the more you create
  • Two kinds of wildcards – for greater precision
  • Dynamic decision-making – based on learned states
  • Avatar – access to an animated avatar

Using your bot:

  • JSON API – for putting your bot on your website
  • iOS library – for embedding your bot in your iOS app
  • Android library –  for embedding your bot in your Android app