Create a clever script

Cleverscript is a conversational AI format and software engine designed by Existor, and is related to Cleverbot. You can create your own virtual assistant or artificial personality.

Cleverscript was recently used in a game to promote the film Skyfall. For web, smartphone or console, it will make non-player characters much more engaging and challenging.

Cleverscript can be used on websites or in apps for customer service - to provide information, act as a support agent, or to help visitors choose and buy products.

NewsHitchbot used Cleverscript to chat during its summer hitchhiking adventure across Canada!

Using this site, you can easily create your own bots - all you need is a spreadsheet. To get started, register on the right. Then check out our easy-to-use manual and spreadsheet uploader. You can be chatting to your own AI character in just a few minutes.

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