3. Monologue (easy)

About this example

Rather than lengthy and unpaced outputs, it can be useful to deliver several lines consecutively regardless of user input, as in a monologue, while allowing deliberate moments of choice that must be resolved before continuing. In this example, an extraterrestrial audit has discovered a new planet and is relying on your knowledge to identify the planet and its good/evil nature.

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Techniques to look out for

  • Dynamic Gotos [5.2]
  • Introductory wildcards [2.9]
  • Optional phrases and text [2.7]
  • Duplicate input clusters under a related output
  • Use of 0% Accuracy on a repeat-last-output’s input clusters
  • Parsing for relevant alternatives when seeking specific answer

Suggested scripting practice

  • Deliver a second monologue based on the user’s indication of whether the planet is “malevolent” or “benign.”

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