In early 2015, Elar Huik, a student at Tallinn University, made a study of various chatbot systems as part of his research project. He has given a glowing testimonial of Cleverscript:

Some chat bot systems will have you write intricate tags for each input/output which is very labor-heavy and prone to syntax errors. Others will have you write the bots dialogue in an online environment, one input at a time. This is very slow and you might not always get to be online to further improve your bot.

The spreadsheet structure for writing a Cleverscript bot is intuitive and doesn’t require any knowledge of programming languages. You’ll mostly only have to keep in mind your input and output types and the label variables you choose for them. Write your spreadsheet online or offline, the choice is your convenience.

Cleverscripts phrases are really powerful and some chat bots don’t even have this sort of built-in functionality. Well-written phrases will save hours of work, so this should be one of the first things to look into when starting out.

While some bots will respond to any inputs at any given time, Cleverscript allows the user to create private scenarios, where the bot will answer something specific only after the user has triggered appropriate inputs. This is a strong feature to really bring human-like interaction to the dialogue.

All in all, Cleverscript offers a simple and elegant solution to creating a chat bot.