4. Rock Paper Scissors (intermediate)

About this example

A basic simulation of Rock, Paper, Scissors, where the bot’s random choice is pitted against the player’s. This example illustrates some techniques of random selection. Pay careful attention to where and why Learns and Ifs occur within inputs/outputs vs. phrases.

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Techniques to look out for

  • Incrementing integers on Learn [3.5]
  • Passing around values of variables [3.4]
  • Use of [BLANK] [4.2]
  • Mode abbreviations [2.4]
  • Debug statements [4.2]

Suggested scripting practice

  • Add score bonuses if the user wins several times in a row, or wins after a series of ties.
  • Add a help section.

Advanced Rock Paper Scissors

  • For examples of a more complex “Rock Paper Scissors” that tracks consecutive wins/losses, cheats when it’s doing poorly, or works with Cleverdata to signal emotions and reactions, please Contact Us.

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