Cleverscript creates text-based chat bots, but it is easy to add an avatar.

Picture avatars
The simplest way to add some humanity to your bot is by embedding a picture of a face next to your chat UI. You can then use Cleverscript variables to change the picture depending on the reaction and emotion of your bot. See our Clever Data demonstration for an example of this. She shows different expressions after different requests. This is done using a Javascript API library we have created, which builds an image tag based on the bot’s reaction and emotion variables, and uses jQuery to fade between two pictures.

The pictures in our demonstration are the same pictures used in our Cleverbot SmartPhone app. Please let us know if you would like to license them for your own website or SmartPhone app. Or else you would need to provide your own photographs.

Animated avatars
Cleverscript is made by Existor. We also make the fully animated avatars Eviebot and Boibot, who wink and smile and move their mouths as they speak out loud. We are able to offer these avatars for use with Cleverscript bots. We can also make custom avatars based on different faces. Please contact us if you are interested in this as there are additional licensing and costs.