6. Finite State Machine (intermediate)

About this example

A new recruit is taken on tour of a spaceship, with the ability to navigate between four rooms, examine items within the rooms, suggest pertinent actions. The four rooms are Control Room, Kitchen-Armoury, Bunkroom, and Arboretum. This chatbot is structured as a looping Finite State Machine with states (rooms) and transitions (forward/back), and introduces more elaborate phrasing.

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Techniques to look out for

  • Wildcards with complex phrasing, a delicate balance game [2.3] [2.9]
  • Dynamic phrase labels [5.3]
  • Output borrowing to replace repeated input clusters [5.5]
  • Unhandled Gotos [5.2]
  • Self-referencing phrases [2.3]
  • Compare different types of input
    • Generic inputs (in_why)
    • State-generic inputs (in_where)
    • State-specific inputs (in_r#_…)

Suggested scripting practice

  • Invent new items to examine or room-relevant actions (perhaps misbehaviour blocks access to a certain room, or clever behaviour opens up a new room).

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