2. Hello There, Planet Earth (easy)

About this example

Expanding on Hello World, this helper bot refines a broad question to a narrow question, in the style of 20 Questions, attempting to identify a (peculiar) animal, vegetable, or mineral, as an introduction to Earth lore. The example shows how to handle generic inputs with change of topic, and provides a preliminary introduction to phrasing.

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Techniques to look out for

  • Input phrasing [2.2]
  • Output phrasing [2.5]
  • Capitalisation of phrases [2.4]
  • Multiple Gotos [5.1]
  • Assignment of different values by choice in phrase [3.3]
  • Compound conditional logic [4.3]

Suggested scripting practice

  • Add phrases to the final output to vary the minerals, vegetables and animals suggested.
  • Change the ‘topic’ inputs to use phrases to interpret answers rather than variations within each input.

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