7. Psychoanalysis (advanced)

About this example

This example takes the user through a series of heavy questions exploring the cohabitation of humans and machines, weighing scores to determine whether the user is anger-driven, rational or emotional. Initial reaction to the setting, or a follow-up question are used as tie breakers if scores weigh even. Much of the scripting is moved to phrasing, where more detailed predicted inputs are phrased, and their generic purpose is given as the input.

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Techniques to look out for

  • Complex variable manipulation and scorekeeping [5.7]
  • Complex phrasing with more open-ended inputs [2.3]
    • Focusing the type of inputs expected and cuing appropriately
  • Override control of input-recognition vs. defaults ($start$)

Suggested scripting practice

  • Presently, if two but not three of the three emotions score a tie, the bot gives a more ambiguous outcome. Attempt further differentiation or another follow-up question to force a single outcome.

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