Hello World – a series of examples

Wrap your head around the capabilities and intricacies of Cleverscript in this series of 10 example bots!

First, enjoy chatting to a bot from the list below. When you’ve played your way through the example, follow along with the script to see how it’s done. Some scripts illustrate a basic framework that can be stripped down for your own bot, or demonstrate a technique you might try in a different context.

See the Cleverscript Manual for further technical detail. [Brackets] will refer to sections of the manual for further reading.

Please leave any feedback or questions in the comment section of an example.

Talk to the example bots

Hello world examples

  1. BeginnerHello World
  2. BeginnerHello There, Planet Earth
  3. BeginnerMonologue
  4. IntermediateRock Paper Scissors
  5. IntermediateWant to Buy a…
  6. IntermediateFinite State Machine
  7. AdvancedPsychoanalysis
  8. AdvancedPassPhrase Mastery
  9. AdvancedLogic Blocks
  10. AdvancedIn 3…2…1…

Cleverscript downloads

Cleverscript Example Series XLS